[Modded MC] Autocrafting using Redpower and a bit of Buildcraft

By iThinkSo on Wednesday 23 January 2013 19:43 - Comments (2)
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First of all, this is my first Tweakblog, so welcome! Let's get right to the core: building an Logistic Pipes styled auto crafting system, using RP and a tiny bit of BC (the crafting itself).

Yeah, right... This a very capable system, but it's not that suitable. I'm focused on making a suitable system. It's not gonna get as suitable as LP, but since the last version of that mod is for MC 1.2.5, no one's gonna use it.

So here's what I did:




If you wanna stack in 2 dimensions (to the side and up or down), it's important to put the cover on the bottom. If you do not it's just for the looks: it's awkward when the block beneath it comes up.






A few tweaks I made to make it nicer:

I hope you enjoyed it, I might upload a video of this system in action, but don't get your hopes up too high.
Update: Uploading a video right now, I'll post it here ASAP.
Update: If an image is 1000 words, how many words is 30 images per second?

A new version, a new video:

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By Tweakers user i-chat, Wednesday 23 January 2013 23:11

im more of a BTW guy myself, but thats not all perfect either,

a pre modern version of industrial craft addons to BTW would be nice, like draining lakes, irigation on crop fields, horse carts and wagons larger transport vessils, to name a few but still on the wind and watter mail concept ofcourse maybe a steam powered mincart or better yet, a cable-train.. (i really hate redstone rail its lame and it should be removed)...

but than still some world gen changes, why isn't mincraft round is it that hard to do if chunk >= 10k than load chunk 1 rather than 10k+1

By Tweakers user Mike-RaWare, Thursday 24 January 2013 07:52

There is an unofficial branch of Logistics Pipes which is updated for newer Minecraft versions.

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